Ayrton Jimenez Unveils His New Track and Debut Music Video, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes’

Fall in love with Ayrton Jimenez’s new offering, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes.’

(Los Angeles, CA) June 10, 2022 - It’s no new occurrence that music has the ability to express inner thoughts and emotions that words can’t. And British singer-songwriter Ayrton Jimenez’s ability to harness the power of music is no small feat. Hailing from Bristol, southwest of England, this young talent offers a new love song, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes,’ his fourth release this year.

Before Tomorrow Comes’ is an intensely intimate and soulful acoustic ballad that is a great addition to Ayrton’s songwriting repertoire. Starting with the virtuoso flamenco guitar riffs and a unique fusion of ambient rhythms, leading to passionate lyrics in English and Spanish, the music ebbs and flows almost hypnotically. Lines like, “So please, let’s hold onto now, let’s savour the hours away from the crowd / The trees, they sway with the sounds, they twirl and they bow before tomorrow comes...” indeed manifest his unfiltered raw emotion in his voice, singing straight from the heart. 

Before Tomorrow Comes’ is accompanied by a debut music video that takes listeners on a virtual trip for almost five minutes. Shot at JK Media Studios, Ayrton teams up with an acclaimed team of production, stylists, and models. Depicting an elegant Latin waltz, the visuals certainly take it to the next level. It gives great insight into Ayrton’s outlook as he demonstrates his Latin heritage and western singer-songwriter elements, creating his own unique sound and aesthetic. 

Displaying expressive songwriting and showmanship, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes’ will easily catch the eyes of new fans and critics alike. It is now available for streaming everywhere, including Spotify and YouTube

About Ayrton Jimenez

Ayrton embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 10 when he began writing songs in both English and Spanish. In Argentina, he was seen recording demos, playing live in acoustic clubs, and supporting well-known artists such as Mery Granados. Channeling the influences of prominent artists such as James Bay, Guitarricadelafuente, and Eric Clapton, to name a few, Ayrton made his first professional splash in the streaming scene in 2021. He has moved full speed since then, releasing a string of successful singles starting with ‘Downtown BA,’ consistently garnering him new followers. In ‘Before Tomorrow Comes,’ Ayrton once again brings his expertise and charisma, and will undoubtedly gain the record worldwide credibility.  

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