Rhythm and soul singer-songwriter Joseph Konty releases new "LoveSpell" album

Singer-songwriter Joseph Konty debuts his latest project with the newly released "LoveSpell" album; Now available on iTunes.

Since his youth, guitarist/singer and songwriter Joseph Konty has been entertaining his fans with soulful acoustic pop, dance and r&b ballads. His new album, "LoveSpell," is a continuation of his craftiness as a multi-talented musician whose music is riddled with themes of peace, love and happiness. Joseph's 10th studio album, "LoveSpell," is now available on iTunes at http://buff.ly/1xBaJQv, Amazon and CD Baby.

Released under the direction of his label, Konty Enterprises and management team TryAngles Management, "LoveSpell" features 12-tracks including his latest singles; A fun-upbeat track titled after the album, "LoveSpell" highlights Joseph's soulful vocals and a solo acoustic performance while "Dancing With Me," a romantic dedication to his wife photographer/designer Rachel Konty is a softer love ballad. Available on YouTube at: http://buff.ly/1D8P2ZV, a description of the video offers the perfect overview of the track, "The song and imagery display what love is like when it becomes unconditional. You never want to stop dancing and you never will."

In addition to the release of his new album, Joseph Konty is also a passionate philanthropist whose Social Love Groove Dance initiative serves as a movement for the musician to give back to the community and those in need. Created from his desire to do more with his music career, Joseph's Social Love Groove Dance has helped bring awareness to those stricken by poverty, homelessness, illness, incarceration and other issues that plague local communities.

Musically, instrumentally and vocally Joseph Konty has always been inspired by gospel music, Motown and old-school soul and R&B. Apparent in the music he creates, his latest album "LoveSpell" will indeed win him fans from all genres, and serve as a beacon of inspiration and love.

About Joseph Konty

Born in the summer of 1982, raised in Texas and then moving all around. Joseph Konty has been a common name amongst fans and friends for over a decade now. The work of 9 studio albums, 2 live albums, 11 acclaimed singles and 1 best of collection. Supported with countless tours, album sales, and videos. His career has been built solely on his original material and look. All fueled, structured, and inspired by his Father who started it by managing his son when Joseph was 15. They started Konty Enterprises together in 2005 after Joseph graduated college in Eugene, OR. This was the platform needed to expand his career to where it needed to go. In 2010 Joseph married Photographer and Designer Rachel Konty. Adding heightened creativity, quality, and services to Konty Enterprises. KEI now focuses on music, photography, marketing design and fashion.

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