Sammattick The Rebel releases "Rebelution" album


Los Angeles hip hop artist Sammattick The Rebel has released his debut album, "Rebelution." With a passion for writing and performing, Sammattick creates an unforgettable experience for both fans and audience goers with his unique sound and rebellious rhymes. "Rebelution" is now available for streaming and digital download on SoundCloud, Spotify and at:

"Rebelution" is the final product of countless hours in the studio and an artist dedicated to perfecting his craft. Produced by Sammattick, N.i., and other various producers under the direction of Tunnel Vision Music Group, the album also features fellow artists N.i., SL6, Artistick, Z from Firing Squad, Caleb Khari.

"My project is a product of my reality - true stories of my life. I don't sell music I sell hope," said Sammattick. "Hope to change the world with believing that you can be and do whatever you want if you really want it. Be a leader of your own brand, be a Rebel!"

Sammattick has received countless attention for his popular single "Summertime," which is accompanied by an energetic music video that is creating a buzz throughout the web. His passion for music started when he was only in the third grade, recording his first song with a Rock Band mic and singing in the choir. After his father had told him his sound was "not bad for his age and the equipment used," Sammattick kept working on his craft. Influenced by films such as "Get Rich or Die Tryin," and "Purple Rain," he is setting out to build an empire with inspiring lyrics and a sound like no other.

In addition to his musical talent, Sammattick is a force off the stage - his liveliness and genuine character is what has helped him garner a loyal following. His upcoming L.A. area performances include: Los Globos on February 11 and March 14 along with Cam Meekins & BranVillian, also the Whisky A Go-Go on February 22. The rapper has a powerful message and opinions to share with the world. Excited for what the future has in store for him, Sammattick believes, "Some royalty is better than zero royalty."

About Sammattick The Rebel
Born and raised in the state of Washington, Sammattick The Rebel always knew he wanted to make a mark on the entertainment industry. Hoping to one day build an influential empire, he is an upcoming, multitalented hip hop and rap sensation. At a young age he experimented with different sounds and instruments like the drums and bass guitar, as he loved the combination of percussion and song. Sammattick knew if we wanted to reach his goal of ultimate success, he had to move to California. Making his way to Victorville, where he currently resides, the young rapper recorded singles to SoundCloud and started to attract a lot of positive attention. He released "Rebelution" in December of 2014 and is motivated to take over the hip hop and rap world by storm.

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