Mississippi rap trio Decked Out Boys release latest single from Camp 8 mixtape


Emerging Mississippi rap trio, Decked Out Boys have released their latest single, "Boppin." Composed of two brothers, and a cousin, Marcus Chatman, Jessie Hunter Jr., and Brodrick Varnado come together to form the Decked Out Boys. Over the course of their career, the trio has managed to put together several hit tracks including, "Foolish," and "Work It like a Pro." Their newest contribution to the southern hip hop scene, "Boppin" is a swag-filled club banger that is quickly taking the lead among fan favorites. "Boppin" is now available for streaming on Decked Out Boys' official website http://buff.ly/1CMxQhl.

Produced by Heartbeatz, "Boppin" is the latest single from Decked Out Boy's Camp 8 mixtape hosted by DJ Smoke. A mixtape dedicated to their love for hip hop and Mississippi roots,Camp 8 features 14-tracks from three talented artists who are working hard to solidify themselves within the music industry. The Camp 8 mixtape is available for download on DatPiff.

Decked Out Boys on their Camp 8 project:
"Camp 8 is the name of the prison from the movie 'Life' starring Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. The prison was located in Mississippi," said Marcus Chatman. "For Decked Out Boys, Camp 8 represents a 9-5 or the struggle; the paycheck to paycheck life. It's prison! We plan on continuing the Camp 8 series until music pays the bills."

The official music video to "Boppin" is available on YouTube at http://buff.ly/1zau49Q. Directed by BPace The Director, a highly sought-after film director and videographer from Biloxi, Mississippi, the single's visual counterpart gives you a genuine introduction to the song's overall theme. Decked Out Boys just put the finishing touches on their second music video for the single, "Dos Equis" and will be preparing for the release of the next follow up single, "Secrets."

About Decked Out Boys

Born and raised in the small town of Hattiesburg MS, Marcus Chatman, Jessie Hunter Jr., and Brodrick Varnado are connected by more than blood, they were bound together by an undying love for music. From the backroom cyphers to schoolyard battles these three young men set out on a journey to quench their insatiable thirst for music. Marcus, Jessie, and Brodrick soon came to the realization that together they could make the type of music that they would want to listen to. And also the kind of music to make people want to move; thus the Decked Out Boys were born.

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